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Many young people dream of a career in the music or film industry. The online music school offers an opportunity to make those dreams come true. With solid knowledge in areas such as film music or music composition you can become an expert who can make his way in a business that is at the same time fascinating and demanding. Online studies are a perfect way to acquire the necessary knowledge in film music and film scoring. Depending on the career you chose, there are from one to three days of virtual classroom that you need to attend weekly. In addition to that 20 to 30 hours of individual study are required a week that serve to solidify your knowledge base in music composition , film music and film scoring.

Learn the basics of film music

Film Scoring and Production is a perfect starting point. With this course the online music school offers an introduction to film music that serves as a preparatory year for a bachelor's degree at the online music school. It includes one day of online classroom a week and 20 hours of individual study. This course not only provides the student with basic knowledge of film music but is also an opportunity to explore the concept. While you learn music online you will be able to determine if this career at the online music school is really suited for you.

Learn music online an pick your career options

If you decide to continue with the program that the online music school has to offer, you can learn music online and continue with a Bachelor Degree of Music composition for film and theatre. The students learn various different styles of music composition and at the same time acquire a solid knowledge in sound engineering, film music and film scoring. After these four years you can decide to take an additional two years for your Master degree in music composition.

Standards are high at the online music school

No matter if you choose a career in film scoring or music composition, the online music school offers programs that are filled with a variety of different materials that help you learn music online. The standards a very high and an application as well as an admission test are required to enter the different programs. This procedure guarantees a big advantage for the talented student. Only the best have the privilege to study film music and music composition at the online university. Work in small groups and to learn music online together with equally talented students guarantees fast progress as you learn music online. You can work towards you Advanced Film Scoring and Production Certificate or become a Master of Music Composition for Film and Theatre.

What prior knowledge is required to learn music online?

There are several levels of study that you can chose at the online music school. Accordingly the requirements are different. While some courses do not require an ample knowledge base in film music, Advanced Film Scoring and Production is very ambitious and only open for those students, who have already acquired certain experience in film music. It is however advisable that apart from a deep interest for music the student also have a good ear for sound and some talent for music that has already been proven.

Learn music online and meet the needs of the industry

The education that is offered at the online music school to learn music online is performance oriented and is designed so that the graduate can meet artistic as well as academic requirements of the industry. Experience has shown, that most graduates easily find employment in the industry and are able to establish a career. Part of the success that characterizes the study program is that students learn music online in small study groups and also have the possibility of adding an additional year after the Bachelor Degree. Thus the online university provides ample knowledge that is often lacking in graduates from other school. Who is interested in composing film music or in film scoring should take a closer look at this online music school.

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