Learn film music in a virtual classroom

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Learn film music in a virtual classroom

If you study film music at the online university you will have a virtual classroom at your disposal, where you can interact with fellow students. Depending on the course you take, you attend the virtual classroom several times a week. While you receive you lessons in film music in your virtual classroom you will be able to familiarize yourself with modern techniques currently used in the industry. The student groups in the virtual classroom are small, so that you can receive all the individual attention you need in order to achieve your study goals. At the same time the virtual classroom provides you with the possibility of working on your film music projects together with other students.

Learn online for your Degree in Film Music and Music Composition

In the virtual classroom can provide for you a personalized learning environment where you can combine group work in the virtual classroom with individual study on different subjects related to film music and music composition. E-learning is a relatively new concept that is becoming popular fast. It allows the student to easily access information in the virtual classroom and enjoy flexibility where time and place is concerned. The virtual classroom allows the benefit of face to face interaction though video conference. E-learning is also self paced as the student has access to different learning contents about film making and music composition at all times. In your sessions in the virtual classroom you will find all the support you need to prepare for your degree in film music. The learning process in the online classroom consists of a three step system: analysis, comprehension and implementation. This system will lead you to your Master or Bachelor degree in film music and eventually to a career in the film industry.

Control your own learning process in the virtual classroom

If you learn online, one of the big advantages is the fact, that you can influence the way you learn about film music. The online classroom provides you with guidance and a source of inspiration. However you have the opportunity to develop you own talent through your individual study. When you work with film music study and hobby oftentimes overlap. In the online classroom you will learn the necessary theory and techniques of the film scoring industry. In the implementation process you can use your own imagination and creativity to work with film music. Use a DAW and a sequencer to fulfill you assignments for the virtual classroom and then experiment freely to obtain practice.

From the virtual classroom to a working environment

When you learn online a sense of responsibility for a timely completion of assignments becomes a second nature. This trade is also very important in a job environment. In the virtual classroom you learn how to combine work in the group with your individual ideas and work sessions.