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Audio engineering studies at the Musicube Academy

Why should you decide to study audio engineering at the Muicube Academy if you want to become a sound engineer one day and - for which one?

Because we don't just offer a sound engineering degree with a diploma and a bachelor's degree for sound engineers, but take audio training to the extreme by offering several practice-oriented degree programmes for your studies.

What makes studying at the musicube academy special?

We are not simply a university for music and audio engineering with a diploma, sound engineer and master's degree in attendance like other universities, but on the one hand we have international students and on the other hand we have divided the engineering field into 2 practice-oriented categories:

- "Media Music Producer" is just the thing if you want to become a composer for advertising and games, an electronic artist & producer or a music producer for bands & artists. There is the Producer, Bachelor and Master.

The Media Music Producer takes place in Bonn and runs over 12 months with 20 hours of self-study and one day of classroom teaching. With this degree, you can already make audio engineering your profession. The Bachelor of Media Music programme takes place in Enschede and lasts 48 months. After successfully completing this programme, you are officially a sound engineer, which you would not have achieved any faster at a state university. However, this requires 20 hours of self-study and 3 days of classes per week.

If you are still full of energy, you can complete your internationally recognised Master of Media Music in Enschede for 24 months with 30 hours of self-study and 2 days of lessons. This would make you a highly official sound engineer, one of the rarest and most rewarding professions of all.

-Our film and theatre music department is divided into "Film Scoring and Production" and "Music Composition for Film and Theatre".

"Film Scoring and Production" is on the one hand a separate course of study in the Audio Engineering sector, which takes place in Bonn with 20 hours of private work and one day of lessons per week, and on the other hand it is also the preparation for the "Bachelor of Music Composition for Film and Theatre" for sound engineers. This requires 20 hours of private work and 3 days of lessons per week, lasts 48 months and is based in Arnhem.

If you then want to continue your studies, you have 2 options:

a) Straight into a Tonmeister programme in Music Composition for Film and Theatre. This again takes place in Arnhem over 24 months, requires 30 hours of private work and 2 days of lessons per week, which would also make you a Tonmeister, or:

b) The "Advanced Film Scoring and Production" course, which takes place in Bonn, and prepares you again in detail for the Tonmeister studies. This takes place at our Bonn location, lasts 12 months and requires a 20-hour time commitment and one day of classes per week.

Send your application today for your sound engineering studies in Film Scoring and Production or the studies as a media Music Producer to our location in Bonn.

For more information about studying, call us to make an appointment for an unscheduled visit to our campuses in Bonn, Arnhem and Enschede, or simply drop by on one of our many open days.

Alternatively, you can use our contact form for questions about studying. You can also participate in our research projects such as Project Reverb, in which we produced an orchestra from samples and used it to sound a good-sounding reverberation room so that we could record spatial sound.