Film Music Composition Studies for Film and Theatre

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Film Music Composition Studies for Film and Theatre

The right music is what makes a good film. The right sound, attuned to the respective scene, the melody that underlines the actions of the protagonists, the film music awakens emotions and can build mood. The music production, which is an elementary means for the blockbuster, forms the bridge between the running pictures and the sound. The right soundtrack in film and television should therefore never be neglected if the film is to become a complete work of art. Anyone who wants to compose film music themselves can learn their craft from scratch at the Musicube Academy.

Various courses of study can be taken at the Music Academy, including online studies to become a sound engineer for television productions and film. Even without much previous knowledge of music production, film sound or sound for television, you can take the degree courses at this private educational institute and thus make a start in the world of film. In the preparatory year, students are taught the most important basics and information about film scoring and sound production, which will then help them in their later studies to implement the experience they have gained more quickly and efficiently and to be able to successfully use their own compositions that are already available.

Studying at this private educational institution is not the same as studying at a regular university. The team at the Musicube Academy provides a pleasant atmosphere in a relaxed learning environment where students can feel comfortable in a small team and give free rein to their creativity. In the study programme, the weekly meeting takes place in small groups of about six people. Ideas can be developed together here, a lively exchange is possible in brainstorming and is definitely wanted by the experienced lecturers.

The creative processes can be optimally lived out and shared in the small learning groups. Unlike the classical course of study at universities, participants here have the opportunity to exchange ideas with expert musicians and budding composers and to fully develop their ideas in a creative working environment. The lecturers at the Musicube Academy in Berlin support their students in their creativity and give them helpful tips and tricks on composing for film and television. The two-year study programme in film music at the private academy optimally prepares students for further studies leading to a Bachelor's or Master's degree and prepares participants for their talent test.

Not only are the creative development processes in the field of television production and film music dealt with in detail each semester, but the technical knowledge that is required for the compositions can naturally be learned in the study of sound engineering for film and film music. In the Film and Sound Design degree programme, technical aids are used to work on the right background music for film and television productions. With the Portable Digital Audio Workstation, every student is given a valuable tool with which graduates of the courses can optimally manage their work on the tasks set by professional lecturers.

With the university diploma that can be taken at the Musicube Academy, students receive the perfect prerequisite to pave their way into the film industry. As a composer of film music, you can make a name for yourself internationally and, with a little luck, perhaps even work your way up to an Academy Award.

If you would like more information or would like individual advice before applying, you can contact the private university directly and expect the competent staff to call you back. Then there will soon be nothing standing in the way of studying film music and a successful career in music production.