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Music Production Master at the Musicube Academy

For a specialisation in the field of music production, the Musicube Academy, or ArtEZ University of Arts, in Enschede offers various postgraduate courses leading to a Master's degree. In addition to the Master Media Music Producer, the Master of Music Composition for Film and Theatre is also offered. Both programmes build on the corresponding Bachelor's programmes at the same university. The Master of Music programme is primarily designed as a qualification for electronic artists, composers and music producers who have already completed Bachelor of Music programmes.

A music production degree brings together music producers, music managers and pop musicians. The creative learning environment when studying at the Musicube Academy thus not only supports learning processes, but also reflects all important aspects of the music industry in professional reality.


Students in the Music Production degree programme can specialise in different career paths. For example, the Master's degree programme Music Production also offers a specialisation as a film composer, which also covers the topics of film, film and theatre and film scoring. In addition to the focus on the film industry, other specialisations with the topic of music composition are also offered, such as for Game Composer, Composer and Arranger and Songwriter. Focusing on Scoring and Production are Music Producer, Song Producer, Sound Designer, Producer and Performer and Music Manager. This leaves the large group of creative musicians, such as Electronic Artists, Performing Artists, Songwriters and Band Leaders. Somewhat outside the production field, specialisation as a music teacher is also possible.

Study programme

The Music Production programme at Master's level lasts 4 semesters. However, it is very freely organised, as work is mainly done on projects. This allows the student to work at the very highest level in terms of art, content and technology. The course of study is designed for parallel career development and training. This is only possible with correspondingly generous freedom. For this free design, each student sets concrete study goals from the field of music production. To achieve these goals, the student develops a specific personal study plan. Part of this plan also deals with the student's motivation. Furthermore, teaching content and corresponding lecturers are individually planned in the Master of Music Production programme. Specific practical projects are also defined and worked through in the course of the study period. In addition, the topic of the final thesis and the associated research project are defined.

The aforementioned research project is directed by the student. For example, an own media, film or music production is developed. Self-developed software products or an own indie label can also be chosen as a project topic. The projects are supported by Bachelor students from the Media Music programme or the Academy of Pop Music. So the focus is also on teamwork.

Further networking of the students in the Master of Music Production takes place through the company internships offered. Practical experience can be gained directly in the companies and the acquired knowledge can be used. Internships are available at well-known companies such as Alles Los Agency and Events, Dynamedion, Poppodium ATAK, Remote Control Studios, Sonic Fuel Los Angeles and The Game Company. Internships are even available at the music software producer Arturia in Grenoble. If you are interested in an exchange with another university, you can also study at the University of Twente.

Since the students in this degree programme receive very individual tuition, the Musicube Academy also has a very large selection of lecturers, guest lecturers and coaches. These also impart their knowledge in seminars, workshops, coaching sessions and master classes. Experts from the international and national entertainment and media industry are represented. Among them is Tony Cornelissen, for example, who worked as a songwriter and in music production for Sony and Warner.