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The most frequently asked questions about the Musicube Online Music School

An online music school presents a great education opportunity for many talented students. But frequently there are many questions about this new way to learn music online.

How are the courses at the online music school structured?

The online music school offers a virtual classroom, where students assist weekly. This is an interactive program where groups of four students work together to learn music online via video conference. In addition to that the online music school provides the student with material to work individually for a determined amount of hours per week.

What degrees can I obtain at the online music school?

The online music school offers a Bachelor´s degree in music composition for film an theatre as well as a Master´s Degree. In addition to that you can also learn music online in a Preparatory course for film music, film scoring and production.

Is learning music online suited for me?

To learn music online at the online music school is interesting and interactive. If you are a dedicated student and have a passion for film music and film scoring this might be an ideal option for you.

What experience do I need to learn music online?

The amount of experience required in order to learn music at the online music university depends on the course you select. For the preparatory level there is almost no experience required while students for the advanced program need prior knowledge as well as experience in film scoring, film music and music composition.

How do I apply for a course to learn music online?

If you want to learn music online and specialize in film scoring you need to fill out an application. If possible you should supply some samples that show your music development. For an advanced course in film scoring it is also necessary to pass a test prior to admission.

Do I need special equipment for online classes in film scoring?

In order to participate in the online classroom for film scoring and film music your PC or notebook is sufficient.

How many students are in the online work groups for a music composition degree?

To learn music online you participate in small groups of four students and can interact with your fellow students in the online classroom while you study music composition or film scoring.

What job opportunities do I have if I study music composition?

There is a variety of jobs that you can apply for in the film and theatre industry with a degree from the online music school. Many graduates decide for a career in film scoring where there are jobs for tasks such as music composition, editing and supervising. The job opportunities that you can choose from if you study music composition also include technical music assistant.

Is a career in film music future oriented?

Film music is an element that is increasingly popular not only for films but also for TV shows, documentaries and other programs. The art of composing film music and perfectly scoring the film is therefore very sought after. A film music specialist form the online university will easily find employment.')