Music Production Bachelor at the Musicube Academy

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Music Production Bachelor at the Musicube Academy

In order to obtain a Bachelor of Arts degree at a music production university, one should complete a Media Music Producer degree programme. It takes four years and ends with a Bachelor of Music degree with a major in Media Music or Music Production. The Musicube Academy, an ArtEZ University of the Arts college in Enschede, offers this degree programme in online courses. As a postgraduate course, you can also study the Master of Music Production at the university.

The music production degree focuses on learning music design, composition and audio, depending on the choice of specialisation. In addition, the students exchange information with students from the game design degree programmes. Many other collaborations support the students in their projects. After graduation, students can work as sound engineers in music production or as musicians.

Study focus

Four main subjects are offered in the Media Music Bachelor's programme. In the main subject, students can qualify as Electronic Artist and Producer, Composer for Film and Games, Music Producer for Bands and Artists or Music Producer for Media.

In the Electronic Artist and Producer major, students produce electronic music and learn how to integrate the respective sound into overall concepts together with image and communication. The Music Production degree programme already aims at direct cooperation with the music industry.

As a composer for film and genres, the focus is not only on composing film music and music for games. It is also about conducting and arranging the compositions, especially for individual instrumentalists or even a virtual orchestra online. In this area, the music should tell stories and create suspense over a longer period of time, regardless of the genre. In the area of games, current audio technologies are used with the latest game engines, so that all the possibilities of adaptive reality can be used optimally.

With the major in music production for bands and artists, you learn all the skills that are important for music production. As in an education as a sound engineer, it is about editing, mixing and mastering, as well as dealing with live and studio recording techniques. Practical experience is also gained in this degree programme, so that upon completion of the Music Production Bachelor's degree, skills are acquired that meet the quality standards of the global music market.

The Music Producer for Media major focuses on acquiring skills that are necessary in music production for radio, television and other media. This major is designed to cover a wide spectrum. Thus, everything from music for commercials to product launch music, from rock to classical music, is covered. Practical experience in the studio is also part of this degree programme. Thus, everything from writing lyrics and songs to carrying out production assignments is practised.

Structure of the programme

The Bachelor's programme is divided into eight semesters and is partly designed as a distance learning programme. The student learns all the necessary skills for music production on a theoretical and practical basis. In addition to the technical skills, there is also a strong focus on creative development. Professional internships, studio projects and project weeks intensify contact with companies and other students during the attendance phases.

The first year of study is designed as an orientation phase. The students deal with special music productions and tasks that give an insight into professional practice. One task, for example, could be the composition of a song for a band. The second year of study continues with the deepening of skills and knowledge. Thus, experiments are made with the combination of different disciplines and styles. In this way, a personal style can be developed and also verified outside the university. In the third year of study, work begins on the final thesis for the Bachelor's degree. Accompanying minor subjects and research projects are taken. Professional internships and the presentation of the final thesis for the Bachelor's degree are planned for the final year of study.