Game Sound Design Online Studies: Become a Media Composer

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Game Sound Design Online Studies: Become a Media Composer

Soundtracks and sound effects are indispensable for video games. For example, they alert the player that an enemy is approaching. Without soundtracks, no great gaming experience is possible. Game sound design is an enormously fast-growing and creative field in the video game industry. The majority of video game developers work with larger budgets than many film productions. A Game Music Composing degree is therefore recommended to anyone who wants to work professionally in the field of sound & music. Audio designers are sought after in the gaming industry.

Job duties of a game sound designer

Like numerous other professions in the music production / media production industry, the profession of Game Music Composing Audio Designer combines creative artistic activities, such as composition including technical implementation. Assuming a musical talent, the sound designer composes sound effects that match the picture. Excitement is already guaranteed during the Game Sound Design training at the Musicube Academy.

Training as a specialist in game sound design

To date, there is no official training to become a sound designer. Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes at universities offer an opportunity to enter this profession. Studying to become a sound engineer, audio designer or sound technician is also recommended for a lateral entry into the field of media composition.

Information on the Media Composition degree programme

The Bachelor's degree programme Media Music offers students the perfect basis for working in the field of music production. Which specialisation (Film Music, Sound Design, Composition, Media Composition, Music Production, Game Music Composing, Arts of Games, Electronic Arts, Game Sound Design, Research) is chosen, may be decided by the student during the course of studies.

Online Courses offered by the Musicube Academy

The courses offered by the Musicube Academy are divided into preparatory courses and Bachelor's and Master's courses. The foundations for successful completion of university studies in the field of media are taught in the preparatory courses Production, Advanced Film Scoring, Film Scoring and Production and Media Music Producer. These preparatory courses ensure efficient Game Music Composing studies at a high level. Students also have the option to select alternative modules between each semester. It is possible to change to a degree programme with a corresponding university level from all modules.

Additional information on studying at the Musicube Academy

Anyone who needs further information about studying composition or sound effects can find all the current dates for information days and relevant deadlines for submitting applications on the Musicube Academy website. Furthermore, the Musicube Academy offers prospective students the option of a study consultation by e-mail or telephone. Prospective students must also note that an entrance examination or aptitude test must be passed for some courses. Information on the number of semesters of the degree programmes and preparatory courses is published online on the Musicube Academy website.

Further advantages of studying at the Musicube Academy

Students learn from each other in small groups with a maximum of 6 participants. Students are also encouraged to put what they have learned into practice. Already in the first year of study, students work together with film music students from other universities. Each year of study is concluded with a work project created by the student. Also worth mentioning are the excellent chances of successful graduates on the job market. The reasons for this are the high-quality education, the acquisition of practical experience in various fields during the Bachelor's or Master's programme and the early establishment of a network with potential clients, for example directors.

Sound design is a relevant, indispensable component in modern video games. The creative and technical job description overlaps with the job descriptions of sound engineers and composers. Those who want to learn sound effects, composition and music production for video games and study media composition and sound design at the renowned Musicube Academy should inform themselves now.