Online music classes to learn film music


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Online music classes to learn film music

To learn film scoring in its entirety we offer online music classes in several types. Therefor our students can gather information in detailed e-learning units. Furthermore, our bachelor and master courses raise the already acquired basics of preparatory online music classes to a profound knowledge. Altogether we offer four online music classes to learn film music divided in e-learning modules for individual studies and lessons in a virtual classroom. The preparatory online music classes Film Scoring and Production available in two different versions provide a basis in fundamental techniques of creating a film score by using e-learning units. There is one e-learning course to prepare our students for the bachelor's degree and there are advanced music online classes as a preparatory year for the master's degree. We also have bachelor and master courses on offer. The Bachelor of Music Composition for Film and Theatre and the Master of Music Composition for Film and Theatre complete the extensive education of our online music classes communicated in e-learning modules.

The students will learn film scoring by getting a deep insight in the complex techniques used to write a score for a movie. Diverse approaches are shown in detailed but plain e-learning units. The online music classes are split in small groups of maximum four persons to guarantee a highly qualified instruction in the virtual classroom. With the help of e-learning modules the composers-to-be can gain useful experience in handling the tools they need to compose a harmonious and unforgettable piece of music.

Both the preparatory online music courses and the bachelor and master courses combine the musical aspects of an extensive composition with the input of technical components that are needed to record a professional production in well-structured e-learning units. Therefor the online music classes are classified in four self-contained chapters. The students will gain a competent knowledge of music theory and composition studies, music composition in film, acoustics and applied audio engineering as well as required sampling techniques and finally of the practical implementation of the already acquired resources in the online music classes.

To learn film scoring correctly our online music classes communicate a wide range of substantial elements in simple and textured e-learning units that require up to 20 hours of individual studies in the preparatory online music classes and the Bachelor of Music Composition for Film and up to 30 hours in the Master of Music Composition for Film and Theatre. However, the online music classes also imply lessons in a virtual classroom with maximum four students in addition to the e-learning modules. In these lessons of the online music classes the composers get the chance to compare notes with their fellow students on their compositions and productions.

Our online music classes give our students a great opportunity to learn film music in high-quality e-learning units that communicate all the needed techniques to create a professional film score.