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Study music production at the Musicube Academy

We are a young music academy that has adapted to modern music with its new demands.
As a music producer, you have to be able to understand and change the music so that it meets the taste of the time. With courses such as Music Designer or Sound Engineer, students are perfectly prepared for the demands of later life. Our degrees are versatile and range from Media Music Producer as a Bachelor to various Master degrees (e.g. Master of Media Music Producer or Master of Music Composition for Film and Theatre). We also offer preparatory courses for university studies. The media composer is a very sought-after job at the moment, as marketing is still highly regarded in many companies and music is needed for many commercials. Studying these new courses is an investment in your own future and that of music production. Media music producers with a degree from our academy or college have the chance to be found all over the world.

Especially popular in music production is the supervision in small groups as this guarantees an optimal study at the universities and colleges. We also offer the opportunity to make important contacts, such as with directors, all over the world. As a music producer, these are an important basis for a smooth entry into music. As a media composer, it is now a necessity to study beforehand, as it is for any profession in music production in general. We have three locations where we work together with colleges and universities. The locations are Bonn and Enschede Arnhem, which offer different subjects in order to ideally lay the foundations in smaller groups for, for example, the Media Music Producer or the Media Composer degree. We rely a lot on self-study and depending on the course, we teach 1-3 days a week and the course lasts 1-3 years. Studying music production is demanding and so we do our own entrance tests to see what skills are available.

Music production and studying has changed very quickly in the last few years, which is why our lecturers still work as music producers, media composers and the like at the same time to pass on the latest knowledge to the students. The media music producer is a mixture of producer and media work, which makes this degree attractive to many young people.

Our aim is to combine studying and the hobby of music in order to prepare our students optimally for working in music production. The music producer today is not just the one who works behind the scenes without much knowledge, but the one who knows the most about music, keeps up to date and observes the developments. For this reason, studying these subjects is important. For the media music producer, understanding the markets is also important. Music production is a complex field that many people do not see as such.

Studying at the Musicube Academy Hochschule brings fun, experience and, above all, increases your chances of finding a job in music production or as a media composer. Get in touch with us and take advantage of the study advisory service to find out more about the course content and how to apply.

If you would like to find out more information about the degree programme, the module plan, about distance learning, our institute, the Music Production University, our next semesters of music production studies such as Music Production Bachelor or Music Production Master.